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Growing Robotics for food safety

Increase in production capacity

Newly HACCP certified!

Happy Holidays !

The largest 32 oz Magik container is in a new and improved version!

Have great vacation!

The best design with the new Secure square 8 oz!

Still open!

A new large member of the Secure square family!

Reduce waste with our reusable and 100% recyclable products

Happy holidays !

New larger size to meet your growing needs

The 12 ounce Secure square container reinvented

Our latest addition: the 24 oz (750 ml) round safe Tamper Evident container!

Meet us at PackEx in Toronto!

The new lid to display your colors

A Magic lid

The end of an exciting year

The family grows up with the new 32 oz round tamperproof container!

Personalize your packaging with IML

A container to showcase your products

Proud supplier of Cookie bluff

An efficient and elegant container

Redesigned lid

New Website