The family grows up with the new 32 oz round tamperproof container!

The TE containers of Elfe Plastik are perfect for agri-food products whether liquid or solid. Versatile, we can find them in different sizes according to your requirements. The company has made design improvement to its 32 oz round tamperproof container to better meet the needs of its customers.

This container, which can hold one liter, is perfect for liquid products thanks to its sealing system. The lid closure system has been redesigned to prevent packaged products from lodging in the skirt cavities. Concretely, for the customer, this ensures a better hygiene since the whole is hermetically closed.

Its ultra-clear finish makes it easy to see what’s inside, highlighting the product. In addition, the 32 oz round tamper evident container is very durable. It can be put in the freezer, in the microwave or even in the dishwasher.

This container can be customized by integrating a pre-printed label in the mold (IML). This allows you to put the colors of your company on different sides of the container.

In addition, the 32 oz round tamper evident container is made of # 5 plastic (PolyPropylene). It is therefore recyclable.

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