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Technology (IML)

In-mold labeling has several major advantages.

Key benefits of IML:

Maximum print quality

The offset printing technique produces high-resolution images in a maximum of eight colors. What’s more, with a single label you can decorate every side of the container.

Resistant and hygienic

Mold labels are resistant to humidity and severe temperature fluctuations. The ideal solution when freezing or refrigerating decorated plastic containers! The mold labels are also scratch-resistant; tear-resistant; and wrinkle-free.


Respects the environment

Label molding contributes in saving the environment, as packaging and labels can be fully recycled.


Wide range of look and feel options

The same plastic container can be decorated with a wide range of materials, inks and various varnishes. This will allow you to highlight your product on the shelf.

What is In-Mold Labeling (IML)?

The phrase “In-Mold Labeling” is a technical term – it is the use of pre-printed labels of polypropylene (PP) during the fabrication of containers. The label is placed in a mold which will be the shape of the finished product. When IML uses the injection molding process, the label merges with melted injected polymer and becomes an integrated part of the final product. The end result is a decorated product, manufactured in a single step!