The 12 ounce Secure square container reinvented

At Elfe Plastik, the pursuit of excellence is a continuous task. That’s why we are always listening to our customers. This fall, we revisited the 12 oz (375 ml) Secure square container to offer a revised and improved version.

This container, one of the most popular in our product line, has been redesigned to meet the needs of the food industry. In terms of aesthetics, we choose a finish that really showcase the products that have been placed in the container.

We strongly believe that this product can have a significant influence on consumer buying. That’s why we have imported some changes to offer a stylish design that will favor our customers. Also, we can customize the container with the IML. These are pre-printed polypropylene labels that are directly inserted in the mold. Thus, it is possible to customize the container according to your colors to highlight the particularities of your business.

As a leader in the field of the food container, we attach great importance to the preservation of food. That’s why our containers always closed tightly.

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