Proud supplier of Cookie bluff

Do you know the name Cookie Bluff ? Located in Saint-Bernard, this company has experienced tremendous success in recent months. It offers delicious raw cookie dough … without risk to health. Cookie Bluff pays particular attention to the choice of its ingredients and its manufacturing processes, but also in its choice of packaging. Indeed, the company has important environmental values and wants to make sustainable choices. It is therefore with pride that we participate in the project as a partner.

Indeed, to present its products, Cookie Bluff has chosen the Elfe Plastik containers. The cookie dough is packaged in a 13 oz round tamper evident container. Thanks to our guarantee of tightness, we can ensure the freshness of the product. All you have to do is enjoy it, which we warmly invite you to do. Especially, if you have a sweet tooth.

By the end of the summer, the products will be available in all many grocery stores and this is just a first step. The owners are aiming for nothing less than the world. We will be very happy to accompany them in this task.

For those who do not know this incredible product, we invite you to google the articles published in various newspaper.