Reduce waste with our reusable and 100% recyclable products

At Elfe Plastik, we work to develop products that meet the requirements of our customers, who are concerned on their ecological footprint, especially in the field of plastic packaging.


This is why we are developing products that are both reusable by the end consumer and 100% recyclable, while keeping in mind our mission to offer products of high quality. All components of our products, as well as the container, the label and the lid, are recyclable.


As quoted by the President of Elfe Plastik: “At home, we have been reusing containers that we did make at Elfe Plastik years ago. Their design makes their reuse easy as a container for home cooked meals, for lunches, table left over, etc. Easy to clean and sanitize in the dishwasher and ready for another reuse cycle. We are proud to see that our products are of quality especially when our own employees bring their lunch in the containers that we produced. This is the best way to reduce the ecological footprint.


By consulting the technical specifications sheets of our products, you will notice the recycling logo corresponding to products made from polypropylene.


If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.