Personalize your packaging with IML

Several customers from the food sector have chosen Elfe Plastik. Our high quality containers close tightly to ensure food preservation. However, what gives a unique touch to each of our products is the IML.

What is it exactly? This is the acronym for “In mould Labeling“. Basically, labels are pre-printed in polypropylene and they are directly inserted in the mold and during molding are bond to the container or lid.

To better serve its customers, Elfe Plastik has increased the possibilities of IML. You can now choose the ILM on our new 16oz square container on the three sides (the under and two sides) or on five sides. Thus, your packaging will be representative of your product and your company. In addition, by using different materials, inks or varnishes, you will have a unique product that will stand out from the others.

Why choose IML?

Over moulding of labels offers a high quality of printing. Indeed, the offset printing technique offers high resolution images with up to eight colors. In addition, with this method, the labels are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

It is also the ecological method of packaging and the labels are recyclable.