An efficient and elegant container

Elfe Plastik has just upgraded its 16 oz square tamperproof container. Indeed, we have redesigned this product to better meet the needs expressed by our customers.

Some of the changes are aesthetic to offer a contemporary container. The 16 oz square tamper evident container is now clearer to better see the products inside. It also has a more elegant design.

We also reviewed the ergonomics of the container. The four corners have been redesigned to provide a better grip.

It is also possible to offer the IML, a pre-printed label in the mold. You can choose between three sides (the bottom and two sides) and five sides (the bottom and the four sides).

With its tamper proof design, this product is perfect for food products. We have also introduced another innovation to simplify life after filling the container with liquid products. Indeed, the skirt that secures the lid so that the container is tamperproof, there were cavities which liquid could be housed during filling. To avoid this situation, we have inverted these cavities, which greatly simplifies the cleaning when it becomes necessary.

To find out more about this range of products, please refer to the data sheet.