Our latest addition: the 24 oz (750 ml) round safe Tamper Evident container!

Elfe Plastik’s line of safe, tamper-proof containers is still growing. Indeed, the company has just added a container: the 24 oz Tamper Evident round. Like the rest of this product line, it is perfect for agri-food products as it is suitable for both liquid and solid products.

This container is particularly convenient for liquid products. It can hold up to 750 ml and it has a sealing system that prevents leakage. In addition, the closure system of the lid has been designed to prevent the liquid from being lodged in the cavities, which could create hygienic problems.

Like all Elfe Plastik products, this container can be customized with pre-printed polypropylene labels (IML)that are integrated directly into the mold. These can be placed on different sides of the container.

You want to showcase your product?

No problem. With its ultra-clear finish, the container allows you to see what’s inside. It is even recyclable and can go in the microwave and in the dishwasher. This container is fully recyclable.

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