Redesigned lid

As a leader in the field of food packaging, we have developed a new lid to match our square tamper-proof containers.

This new lid is an evolution of the old version to meet even more effectively the needs of our customers. For its design, we have taken into account the comments and suggestions of our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

The improved surface finish is clearer, enhancing the food products in the container. The sealing concept has been reviewed and improved to optimize food preservation.

In addition, we have perfected the closure system to provide a better experience. Now you can clearly hear the sound that tells you that the lid is properly closed.

Finally, the lid is thicker and stiffer. This gives class to the product, while making it more resistant.

The new lid is compatible with our 7, 8, 12 and 16 ounce square tamper evident containers used primarily for on the shelf food products. The old lid model is no longer vailable.